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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of education is simple. Students at Delphi schools should master their basic tools very well—then learn to really use what they learn. Our teaching and study methods emphasize practical application—because only in meaningful use can one work out the proper value of the many pieces of knowledge encountered in an education. At Delphi, this approach keeps our students continually evaluating new information in relation to the real world. Their education becomes something they build and own, not something piled onto them. In the end, we want to see our students maintain their individuality while being self-motivated, confident, active and purposeful individuals who are capable of pursuing and reaching their chosen goals.

Our Mission

Give young people a rich academic background, a strong sense of ethics and a broad range of abilities to successfully launch them into higher education, a career, and life itself.

More broadly, why Delphi is the choice for your child is how we help build a better world through effective education.

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