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Extracurricular Activities

An important goal of the Delphi Program is to help each student acquire a range of practical skills and abilities he can use in life through extracurricular activities. While there are numerous elements requiring application and use throughout the courses students do, the bulk of their practical skills and abilities are gained through hands-on activities done outside the academic classroom. Regularly scheduled classes of this nature are called Practical Activities.

Practical Activities are designed to give students firsthand experiences which will improve their overall skills, as well as cultivate interests in new areas. As with all aspects of the Delphi Program, critical thinking and non-altitude instruction are stressed, providing a learning environment where students develop competency and independent thinking.

Lower School students in Beginner 1 through Form 2 enjoy a variety of weekly classes in art, crafts, science, engineering, computers, PE, sports and dance.

Elementary School through High School students may choose from electives offered based on which Practical Activities they are most interested in. Classes cover visual arts, pottery, dance, theatre, PE, team sports, computers and more. This time may also be used to explore career interests or hone life skills in the form of apprenticeships or projects.

Outside contractors also deliver specialized classes to students as a group and one-on-one at an additional cost. These include music and singing lessons, martial arts, yoga, etc for an extracurricular activity.

All classes offered are subject to change based on seasonal availability, class sizes, and student interest.

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