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Elementary School

During their Elementary School years, students develop educational skills and habits that will stay with them for life. It is also during this early period that their educational foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics is made firm. Delphi Florida strives to be the best private elementary school in the Clearwater area. Our private Elementary School curriculum focuses on these basics while immersing the student in the arts, physical and social sciences, foreign language and plenty of practical application to the real world.

Academic Basics

Academics in the Elementary School focus on the basics, with a special emphasis on life skills and practical application.


In the literature-based reading program, students read a great variety of subject matter that lays the foundation for later study of subjects such as history and science. Books are balanced among fiction, historical fiction, autobiographies, biographies and nonfiction selections. Literature seminars focus on key literary works at a slightly advanced reading level, encouraging students to broaden their view as well as to develop judgment and opinion through group discussions.


In mathematics, new concepts are introduced in seminar-style classes, including more advanced measurements and conversions, multiplying fractions and decimals, pre-algebraic formulas, basic geometric calculations, “consumer mathematics” (discounts and interest rates), ratios and percentages. Daily drilling on instant response to basic arithmetic calculations continues through Math Facts on the Computer (MFC) a self-run computerized program designed to achieve ever-increasing levels of instant response. Students become adept at rapid calculations through 12’s and at reducing fractions.


Students write several thousand words of composition, poetry and short stories. To develop comfort and versatility with languages, students begin to make oral presentations in front of a group.

Study Skills

Stress is on recognizing the barriers encountered in study and having students become better and better at handling those barriers on their own. Students can independently use an appropriate-level dictionary to understand words, getting help when needed.

In addition to reading, writing, and math, the elementary years involve exploring:

Science & Technology—Fundamental principles of the life science and technical sciences are covered and students are introduced to laboratory usage, including use of microscopes.

Geography & History— Using political maps, resource maps, contour maps and population density maps, and by drawing out a comprehensive world map, students become familiar with the continents and their major physical features. Current events and world figures are explored, as well as famous events and persons in history.

Research—The techniques of research and observation provide students with basic tools by which any subject can be more easily and effectively learned. Students learn to use library facilities and participate in a Science Fair.

Life Skills, Ethics & Integrity—Emphasis is placed on responsible behavior at school and in their own lives. Communication skills are further addressed as well as social skills, morals, responsibility, health, and safety.

Field Trips

Getting out to observe or interact with the world outside Delphi is a big part of the program. In the classrooms, students are encouraged to connect what they are studying with the real world. Field trips help them to make that connection even more real. Elementary School students generally take one to two field trips every month. Typical trips might include one of the many Bay Area museums, Enterprise Village,  The Victory Ship, and more!


As part of the learning process, Elementary School students will participate in a variety of practical projects. These may include keeping a budget, participating in a mock trial, designing and building a dog house, or using a telescope to study the moon and planets.

The Arts

Delphi Academy has an active arts program. Fine arts and crafts are offered throughout the year and are considered an important part of the student’s education. In the Art Department, students create a wide variety of artistic pieces which are frequently displayed in our reception area. In the fully equipped woodshop, students who have been checked out on the safe use of equipment, learn how to use the scroll saw, drill press, rotary tools and electric sander to create their own bookshelves, furniture, board games, etc. Elementary School students have the option of participating in a martial arts program as well.


Emphasis in athletics is on discipline, hard work, team spirit and fun. Delphi Academy is part of a sports league comprised of local private schools of similar size. Throughout the year, our teams compete in volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Other activities such as tennis, ice skating, swimming, canoeing, and bowling vary seasonally but are typically offered to all different age groups some time during the school year or summer camp. Students also participate daily in some form of physical exercise and games.

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