Summer Tutoring: Why It’s Beneficial for Students of All Learning Abilities

summer tutoring

One of the many pleasant memories we may still cherish from our childhood is our summer vacations. It was a time to relax, sleep in, enjoy the outdoors, hang out with friends, and take a long break from school. There is certainly nothing wrong with taking a well-deserved vacation, and some may even believe that it is important for children to take a mental break from school and all its challenges. However, the truth is that all children benefit enormously from mental stimulation, no matter where they stand academically, and will, therefore, benefit from summer tutoring.

Summer Tutoring For Kids

Whether a child is struggling in school or moving along steadily and well, they will benefit from receiving at least some continued academic work over the summer. Tutoring during the summer doesn’t have to be a chore that takes up all the child’s free time, and it can be made fun and interesting. More importantly, it can highly benefit the child by:

Helping them to practice and retain the information they have already learned. You have probably experienced for yourself the fact that information which is not practiced is not usually retained. And while this may not be a big deal for a chef who has forgotten their high school advanced calculus lessons, it is definitely inconvenient for a child who is not practicing important basics like reading, writing, spelling, and math. A child who knows their multiplication tables perfectly at the end of the school year but then does not practice them during the summer may very well spend a good portion of the new school year re-learning and practicing these tables, rather than smoothly advancing in math.

Allowing them an opportunity to build abilities that are weak. Where a child struggles with any academic learning, it’s obvious that a long hiatus over the summer will only compound this problem. However, if a child who is weak in a particular subject takes the time to practice this subject over the summer–even if only for thirty minutes to an hour each day–they will likely be able to build up their weak academic abilities so they will no longer struggle with them.

Preparing them for the next academic grade level. Starting a new school year can be incredibly daunting for any child, especially when it means a change of teachers, classrooms, and academic demands. If they have had a complete break from all mentally stimulating activities over the summer, they are unlikely to be prepared for these changes, and can spend one, two or even three months of the new school year trying to “settle in.” Summer tutoring can help prepare the child at least for the increased academic demands they will be facing.

Providing them with a routine. Children may say they love the freedom of no schedules, but the truth is that they feel most comfortable when they can smoothly follow a predictable schedule each and every day. Falling away from the basic structure and routine that is provided during the school year, and then trying to come back to it all at once at the end of the summer, can be quite distressing and difficult. Summer tutoring, even if it only occurs for a brief amount of time each day, provides children with a routine and predictable schedule that, casual though it may be, can ensure they are better prepared for the transition back into a normal school schedule in the fall.

Summer is absolutely a wonderful time to enjoy fun outdoor activities, friends, and exciting adventures. Adding summer tutoring to a child’s summer vacation can further enhance the experience by keeping them mentally stimulated and all the more ready for the school year to come.