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Learning How to Learn

Hardback $33.50 | Paperback $14.95
Get practical knowledge to overcome the barriers to learning! Children will love to learn and have the tools to tackle any subject they want to study.

Study Skills for Life

Hardback $38.00 | Paperback $14.95
Ideal for children ages 12 and up, this book provides a comprehensive education in Study Technology, giving students the ability to study anything to great success.

Basic Study Manual

Hardback $48.00 | Paperback $21.95
Providing a thorough and more advanced education in Study Technology than the other basic study books, the Basic Study Manual is ideal for high school students and adults of any age.

How to Use a Dictionary

Hardback $38.00 | Paperback $19.95
With charming pictures and easy language, this book shows the beginning student how to use a dictionary and understand the terms, symbols and abbreviations contained within. It is a powerful tool for comprehension and the means to an advanced vocabulary.

Grammar and Communication

Hardback $55.00 | Paperback $24.95
This book presents grammar in a logical, step-by-step sequence. It helps students to understand and use the basic building blocks of the English language and is a great asset in improving writing and comprehension skills.

The Drug Book

Paperback $18.00
Simply written with lots of illustrations, this book is perfect for middle school and high school students to learn the truth about drugs. Knowing what drugs do, why people take them and how they affect a person will help the reader avoid the pitfalls and traps of drugs in today’s world. Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

The Ethics Book

Paperback $20.00
An excellent book for any middle school or high school student interested in learning the basic concepts of ethics, or simply interested in learning how to sort out the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Plenty of illustrations and simple text present the subject in a way that is easy to understand. Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

The Thinking Book

Paperback $29.50
How do you get answers that help you sort things out in life? How do you make things sane and logical? This book answers these questions and more using illustrations, simple text and practical examples. Excellent for middle school students and up. Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

The Heron Derivation Dictionary

Paperback $20.00
A quick reference tool for derivations of the English language, originally compiled as part of the Heron Curriculum™ to give students a simple tool for better understanding words. This book serves as a bridge to the use of more advanced dictionaries that include derivations in each word entry. Appendices include a history of the English language and more about derivations and how to read them.

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