Private School Students: Are They More Successful Later in Life?

Private school student

One of the most important jobs that parents have when it comes to their children is ensuring that their children receive a good education. A good education is far more than simply attending school for a certain length of time, it is about providing one with the academic, social and life skills a child needs in order to succeed in their life. Fortunately for both students and their parents, there are multiple educational options to choose from. More and more parents today are considering these options when it comes to enrolling their child in school, and many are choosing private school over public school.

There are many reasons for why parents may choose to enroll their children in private school, rather than public school, including various personal and religious preferences. Broadly speaking, they may feel that private school can provide their children with more individualized programs and attention, that they have better curriculums which are not governed by state regulations, that they have more resources, that their teachers are better trained and more attentive and much more. But do private school students actually gain a significant advantage over public school students? More specifically, are private school students likely to be more successful later in life than public school students?

The Private School Difference

Private schools are commonly defined as those schools that have an independent income source, unlike public schools, control their own affairs, rather than being governed by state educational mandates and guidelines, and design and run their own teacher training and student curriculum. These schools tend to have more advantageous student-to-teacher ratios which allow for more personalized attention, and this means that students receive the help and care they need to address weaknesses and continue moving forward.

New research published by Statistics Canada has indicated the private school students tend to do better academically than their public school peers. But as much as private school students may benefit from better teaching and resources, experts believe that they also gain quite a lot of benefit from having well-educated parents. One research economist from Statistics Canada commented on the fact that studies repeatedly indicate that the education of a child’s parents is strongly correlated to their own educational success. It seems that the parents’ involvement in their child’s education further improves their educational success, and it may be surmised that this involvement places a higher emphasis on education, to their children’s benefit. That said, there is no arguing that private schools themselves definitely provide the opportunity for greater educational achievement.

Studies have indicated that private school students in Canada routinely outperform public school students by eight or nine percent. Furthermore, it has been discovered that private school students are anywhere from five to thirteen percent more likely than public school students to pursue graduate or professional degrees. By this alone, one could assume that many private school students achieve more successful lives than public school students. Of course, that’s not to say that public school students cannot achieve great success in their lives–and many of them do. However, it is logical to assume that a private school program that addresses the individual student, that fosters self-discipline and self-determined learning, and that tests knowledge and understanding for the student’s own benefit, rather than to achieve a state-mandated average, can be highly beneficial to a student’s future success in life.

Private Schools in Florida

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