Parents of Middle Schoolers: Why You Need to Start Planning for College Now

planning for college

As your child finally moves up from elementary school into middle school you help them to celebrate what you both likely feel is quite a momentous occasion. They are growing up and becoming more independent than ever, and you may feel that early adulthood is certainly looming large in the distance. But that’s just the point–early adulthood is still distant. That means that planning for college is also distant, right? Actually, there are some very good reasons why you should start planning now when your child is just entering middle school.

Looking to the Future and College

It’s true that a student should wait until high school before they begin picking up college brochures or going on tours, but there are many other ways they can begin preparing for college while in middle school so as to smooth the more detailed preparations that are yet to come. Specifically, beginning to plan for college while your child is a middle schooler means you are:

1. Helping to ensure they are receiving a solid foundation. The core academic basics of reading, writing, and math are absolutely essential to a child’s college career and future. If they are weak in these areas, they may very well struggle not only through high school but also through college courses. Planning for college while they are in middle school means ensuring they are receiving a solid foundation in academic basics, and aiding them where necessary to address any weaknesses they have.

2. Helping to ensure they have a good GPA. When deciding whether to admit a student and certainly when deciding whether to give out scholarships, colleges take a close look at that student’s GPA. If your child is currently struggling with any subjects, chances are that their grades in that subject are on the lower side. Unfortunately, they may very well remain low in high school, when their GPA does really matter as regards their college admittance unless they are addressed and handled now.

3. Helping to make a plan for their standardized testing. There are many tests your child should take to help them in the college application process, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and more. If you assist your child in preparing for these tests as early as possible and prudent, you can help them move through these tests more smoothly and easily, and even open the door to potential scholarships. The PSAT qualifies students for the National Merit Scholarship, and SAT subject tests can help to prove that a student is truly dedicated to learning in a particular subject field. This knowledge can help you ensure that your child has the best possible chance to present a great application to the college or colleges of his choice.

4. Figuring out ahead of time how to fund their college education. Whether you plan to pay for their college tuition, help them set up a student loan or connect with excellent scholarship opportunities, it will be less stressful to figure out how to fund your child’s college education if you start early, rather than waiting.

5. Helping them build an amazing resume. If your child participates in a great amount of community service and projects while in middle school and in high school, their college and scholarship resume will be all the more impressive. Furthermore, by starting early on their resume activities your child will not have to scramble later in order to fill out their resume more completely.

Your child may have only just started middle school, but it’s not too early to begin thinking about their future and their college career. Doing so now can help to ensure a smoother path to the college of their choice and far less stress and worry for you later. If your child attends private school, be sure to ask their college and career counselor for advice and guidance.

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