How Summer Camp Can Build Your Child’s Resilience

summer camp and building resilience

It is completely understandable that children need quite a bit of help with things when they are very young and just learning how to walk, talk and interact with others. One of the difficulties that parents may have as their children grow is learning how to slowly step back more and more, giving their children the opportunity to try things on their own–failing and learning from these failures. A child who simply gives up when things become too challenging is likely going to face considerable difficulty throughout their life, as there are plenty of challenges before them. Their resilience will allow them to confidently face and overcome challenges, which in turn will help them to achieve the goals they set. Fortunately, there are many ways that parents can step back and help to build their child’s resilience. Summer camp is one such way.

Summer Camp and Building Resilience

A summer camp program is designed to help a child explore independence and challenges in a way that is interesting and exciting. Summer camps provide all sorts of opportunities–from learning how to build a fire, going on a hike, braving a high ropes course and building a tent, to meeting and getting to know new individuals, stepping outside one’s comfort zone, courageously asking others for help, and more–and these opportunities can allow children to learn more about the world around them and grow stronger and more resilient. More specifically, summer camps allow children to:

1. Form new relationships. Of course, children at summer camp will form new relationships with other children, which can certainly help them to build their social skills, but they will also form new relationships with adults. They can learn how to communicate with adults who are not their parents in order to gain the things they need or want.

2. Build their confidence. Children can sometimes be reluctant to try new things, especially if they are sensitive to the fact that others may appear to do better at certain things (like running fast or climbing). However, summer camp is all about trying new things, and children can become more confident about their ability to do different things and choose those things they like best.

3. Feel more in control of their own life. Summer camps provide many opportunities for children to choose what to do and when without their parents directing them. While it’s true that they still need supervision, stepping away from their parents while experiencing these new opportunities can help children to feel more in control of their own life, which can make them more willing to face and solve problems they encounter in life.

4. Develop physically. Children need a lot of fresh air, exercise, and good food in order to grow well physically, and summer camps provide plenty of opportunities for all these things. This can also help children to realize that taking proper care of their body by providing it with fresh air, exercise, and good food helps them to feel well and strong.

5. Feel connected with others. Many summer camps provide and encourage numerous group activities, including games and songs, that help children to feel more connected to others.

6. Gain a better understanding of their own and others’ culture. Whether through a special skit night or other camp program, children can become more aware of their own and others’ culture, which can help them to better understand the differences they may see in others around them.

A well-designed and run summer camp program can help to reinforce the same lessons and values you seek to teach your children at home, which can help them to make good decisions in the future–no matter what challenges they may encounter.

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