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From the Headmaster

Welcome to our website. You have discovered an educational program like no other. As you make your way around our site you will get to know more about who we are. The sections on our philosophy and mission are a good place to start. While we have taken great care to capture the spirit of our school here, to really get to know us I encourage you to schedule a time to visit the school. In this way you can experience for yourself the enthusiasm of the students and the scope and depth of the Delphi Program.

A great deal is packed into the Delphi Learning Program. It is a program that is both rich and challenging. It is a program that, from bottom to top, is designed to stretch the student, yet at the same time appeal to and strengthen his natural thirst for knowledge.

It is this understanding of the child’s thirst for knowledge, this innate desire to understand and challenge the world around one, that is embedded in the Delphi Education Program every step of the way. From the three-year-old preschooler who is being introduced to reading for the first time to the middle school student who is tackling and enjoying Romeo and Juliet, the challenge and thirst stay balanced.

The focus remains the same when discussing the practical, hands-on nature of the educational programs. After all, it is easy to overlook the fact that a significant portion of any good education must include abundant opportunities to apply what you have learned, to exercise judgment, to handle the very ingredients of life. These are the times in an education when a child gets to challenge life directly and the great teacher called “experience” teaches more than any book or lecture.

The Delphi Program is one full of challenge and opportunity for the student, one which maintains this important balance between challenge and keeping the natural thirst for learning alive and well.

I look forward to seeing you on our beautiful campus located in the heart of Clearwater.

Colin Taufer


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