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Now Enrolling Ages 2 Thru High School!

Electives for Elementary–High School Students

Students in Form 3, Form 4, Form 5 and High School

We are excited to announce that we are going to be doing afternoon activity signups a bit differently this year. In years past, students in Elementary School and higher were assigned to their school electives classes individually by school personnel. This year, however, we have the option of parents doing these class signups with their children online! This electives method will be overall more efficient, as well as allow our families to be more involved in these important decisions. This is a chance for parents to discuss with their child what their goals are and help lead them to success. Online signups will need to be completed prior to school starting, and classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To sign up, go to your Delphi parent portal and select “Class Signup” on the sidebar. Then select the category of classes you and your child have agreed upon. You have up to five selections for each day of the week. Please include any notes necessary to clarify your choices.

Electives for Elementary–High School Students


This will be a class where the students focus on sketching, watercolor, pastels, charcoal and other media. Art will be available Mondays and Fridays.


This will be an open PE class playing traditional games such as capture the flag and dodgeball. Classes are available Wednesday and Thursday.


Students who have basic experience with an instrument may come together as Dragon Fire and perform at various events throughout the year. Band meets on Wednesday afternoons and Tuesday mornings.


This class is for students who will be on the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team. These students have been picked by the coach already and will start practicing every day for their upcoming games in the fall and winter. After the season, there will be an option for JV students who are interested in basketball to sign up and get ready for next year’s team.

Coding / Circuits

Throughout the coming term, students will be exploring new ways they can create, whether it is a remote control car, or a blinking light system, or an animate art piece or miniature video game. These are the foundations for robotics, which we hope to start later this year. Classes are available Tuesdays and Thursdays.


This class will be focusing on activities that build up stamina. This will include running, jogging and other games that will help a student get fit. Classes are available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.


Students make a variety of crafts such as newspaper baskets and paper mache´ home decor. This class meets Tuesdays.


This will be a group of students working with our Music teacher learning how to play guitar. Guitar meets on Mondays.

Hip Hop

This is an open Hip Hop class on Fridays, available for students in Form 4 and up.

Jewelry Making

This class will be teaching crafty students how to make different assortments of jewelry including necklaces and earrings. This class meets Tuesdays.


Only for Middle or High school students, this class will be teaching students all about car safety and maintenance, including changing oil, changing tires and avoiding damaging the engine during Florida floods. This class meets Fridays.


Students will make a variety of pieces from start to finish by using the wheel, as well as several hand-building techniques. This is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Set Design

Students will help create sets and costumes for our school plays. This class is available Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Study Hall

This is a time for students to catch up on any studies they may have fallen behind in, or to help maintain or advance students’ academic progress. Study hall is available every day.


There are two volleyball classes, “Girls’ Varsity Volleyball” and “Girls’ Volleyball Open Practice”. Girls may try out for the Varsity Volleyball team, which practices Mondays and Fridays. Wednesday is the open practice slot, which is open to girls at all levels. Additional open volleyball slots will be available in the spring.

Wood Shop

Students learn to use saws, sanders and basic tools to make wooden projects like classic toys, bookends, stepping stools and more. Classes are available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


This is a non-meditative yoga focusing on students building core strength, delivered by Megan Brazil on Tuesdays.

(Days subject to change throughout the term.)

Performing Arts Events

For Form 1, 2 and 3 Parents

This year, as an after school program, we will be offering the Form 1-3 students an opportunity to perform in The Velveteen Rabbit! Rehearsals will begin in August. Rehearsals will be 2-3 times a week until the Monday, October 17th, when rehearsals will start every day. The show will be the weekend of October 21st, the week before Halloween.

Form 4-HS Parents

The Form 4-HS show will be the weekend of April 28th. Rehearsals for this high school electives will begin in February and will be every day during the activity slots at the end of the day. We are planning a HUGE show. Students will be rehearsing on the Professional Development Day on April 21st. We will be performing 4 shows this year.
A dancer from the National Tour of Wicked will be coming in February. This will be offered to 25 students from Form 4-HS. We will arrange for a large group to go and see the show like last year. An essay will be required to participate in the class. All families will be welcome to attend the show.
Our dance team, choir, and band will be a part of the daily schedule, as opposed to the activities schedule.
A community dance team for all levels will be formed to accommodate our outside performances.

All levels

A community dance team for all levels will be formed to accommodate our outside school performances.
All levels will participate in the Holiday Show in December. This year, we are doing the Nutcracker. It will be filled with top-notch dancing, singing, and acting. You will be blown away! You do not want to miss this. Plan your vacations to start on the 17th of December!
Our best routines from the year will be performed at our Evening with the Arts Fundraiser on May 19th in the evening.

Student Council and Student Services

The Student Services and Student Council programs consist of giving students positions of responsibility in the school, seeing that the student successfully masters the challenges of that position, and then promoting them to new, expanded levels of responsibility. Just as with a “real-world” job, a student’s performance in these positions will be evaluated by the products they create. Students may start out in an entry-level position of basic cleaning or organizing, get promoted to a more impacting role in administration or peer leadership, and then continue on to running entire school events, and projects impacting the community. The Student Services and Student Council Programs are designed to help students cultivate responsibility, personal integrity and leadership skills necessary for their lifelong success.

Delphi Sports

The Basketball team is going to start its training this semester and plans on starting their games in November – February. The Basketball team will practice Monday – Friday.
The Volleyball team is going to practice in August – September. And they will play games September – November. Varsity Volleyball will practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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