Academics and Activities: What Delphi Offers in the Pinellas Private School Setting

academics and activities

One of the most important parts of your job as a parent is to ensure that your child receives a good education so that they are able to move forward confidently into an independent and successful future. This means far more than a solid grounding in academic basics–it also means familiarity with a variety of activities that help to build valuable life skills. You may have dismissed public schools and even charter schools in Clearwater, Florida, deciding that these schools fail to provide the full, enriching program your child needs. Before you embark on an exhaustive review of the list of private schools in Florida, take a moment to consider what Delphi Florida has to offer.

Delphi Florida’s Unique Blend of Academics and Activities

Along with instruction in important academic basics such as math, reading, writing, spelling, and history, among others, Delphi Florida also offers students a wide variety of activities like woodshop, art, pottery, crochet, volleyball, basketball, cooking, photography, coding, and much more. These activities can help children in many different ways, such as:

1. Learning time management. A student who sets out to complete a project within a certain activity, like cooking, will need to learn how to manage their time in order to do so. This is an incredibly valuable life skills that will aid them in many activities at school and in life.

2. Exploring a variety of diverse interests. It is not at all unusual for children to have many different interests, and yet not feel confident about pursuing any of them. With a variety of activities in school, students can explore many diverse interests and discover what they are really passionate about and interested in pursuing. As they spend more time and succeed in the activity, they will build their confidence in their ability to undertake new activities.

3. Contributing to others. When a child participates in activities in school, they learn how to contribute to others around them, and that they need to consider others when taking action. This can help them to form better, stronger relationships in the future.

4. Building their self-esteem. Participating in new activities allow children to develop and master new skills, which helps them to build their self-esteem.

5. Learning to set and achieve goals. Most activities are centered around setting and achieving a specific goal, whether it’s a beautiful painting, a technically superior and poignant photograph, a delicious meal or a championship. Participating in activities and learning to set and achieve goals can help the child set his sights on increasingly higher and more complex goals for their life.

6. Understanding the value of teamwork. Being able to work well with others is an incredibly valuable skill for an individual of any age, and developing it early on through various activities in school make it easy and natural to maintain in the future. The child will also learn to socialize and build relationships.

7. Boosting academic performance. There is a deep interrelationship between school academics and activities, especially students often need to apply academic skills to their activities. Finding a deeper purpose and use for their academics through participation in activities can boost a child’s interest and performance in their academics.

8. Making them happier. Children tend to be happier when they are engaged, busy and learning–also when they are moving their bodies. Activities provide them with a chance to learn in a different way than occurs through academic instruction and can be quite stimulating.

Delphi Florida is one of the most elite private schools in Tampa Bay, with a unique blend of academics and activities that help to provide a child with the knowledge, life skills, confidence, and independence they need to set and reach their goals. For more information about our unique program, contact us today.