5 Tips for Getting Kids Excited to Go Back to School

back to school

While most children look forward to the summer with great anticipation–with dreams of sleeping in, lazy days and plenty of time outdoors with friends–they often reach a point where they become bored and eager to get back into some sort of routine. That said, they may not necessarily be excited about everything that going back to school entails, such as earlier mornings, harder work and homework-filled evenings. Fortunately, parents who help their children generate excitement about going back to school often find that the transition is easier, and their children are better able to enjoy their return to school.

Back to School for Kids

Back to school tips for parents often have a lot to do with being well-prepared for school to start back up, which includes ensuring children have the proper wardrobe and school supplies. However, another very valuable back to school tip for parents is to help their children become excited about a return to school, as this will greatly reduce the chance of emotional struggles just before or during the first weeks of school.

Consider these five tips for getting kids excited about going back to school:

1. Arrange get-togethers with other kids in your child’s class. Sometimes a long summer away from peers can make kids feel a bit disconnected when they go back to school in the fall. In addition to the strict new schedule and hard work, they are confronted with strangers–or kids they haven’t seen in so long that they feel like strangers–which can make them feel isolated. Holding a few get-togethers with other kids in your child’s class can allow them to spend time together, socializing and getting to know one another so that they are better prepared to be together in school.

2. Allow them to decorate their back to school gear. You may not have a lot of leeway when it comes to selecting your child’s basic school supplies, but they may really enjoy using stickers, markers, and other decorative elements to add some style to their backpack, notebooks, and folders.

3. Get their help in lunch planning and shopping. Some kids love to be more involved in planning and shopping for lunch supplies, especially since this means that they will have more say in what they end up eating. This can be made into a very fun activity, and you can take it one step further by adding little surprises of your own–like using fun-shaped cookie cutters to cut out their sandwiches.

4. Create a fun homework nook. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of going back to school is coming home from a long, tiring day and having to face any amount of homework. By creating a snug, cozy and inviting homework nook you can take the sting out of having to do homework, and make it more of an opportunity to spend some fun time together after school.

5. Make the first day of school memorable and fun. This can include decorating the breakfast table, serving your child’s favorite breakfast, and maybe even having an ice-cream party after school. This can help to ensure that school is seen as pleasant and exciting, despite the fact that it does include hard work and concentration.

The fact is that many kids are actually excited about going back to school in the fall because it means a predictable schedule, new things to learn, new challenges to face and lots of interaction with friends. That said, they may be a little bit nervous about some parts of the experience, such as meeting loads of new kids and adults and needing to complete more difficult schoolwork. By helping to drive up their excitement you can help them to push away their worries so they can have a wonderful transition back to school.