4 Ways Public Speaking Courses are Benefiting Students

public speaking

It’s really no surprise that many individuals dread having to speak in public and will do anything to avoid having to speak in public. The reasons for this dread can vary widely–from terror about being the center of so much attention to worrying about accidentally doing or saying something embarrassing to even concerns about one’s voice inflections and everything else in between. In all honesty, it can definitely be rather intimidating to stand up in front of any size group of people and speak confidently on a topic so as to captivate their interest. Fortunately, few people need concern themselves about actually acquiring and perfecting this skill, right? After all, not everyone will need to speak publicly in their future or career, will they? Actually, while it may seem that public speaking is a skill that only a few select individuals will need for their chosen profession, it is actually an incredibly invaluable skill that can benefit anyone and everyone. This is just one reason why Delphi’s high school program includes public speaking exercises.

Public Speaking Activities for High School Students

Regardless of the profession or career one chooses to pursue, there are many skills one should acquire in order to succeed in this profession or career. Public speaking is one of them, as it is a very valuable skill to have. The more one practices public speaking the easier public speaking can become for them. Furthermore, public speaking courses can benefit students by:

1. Improving their communication skills. One could safely argue that the difference between a powerful public speaker and a weak public speaker is their ability to communicate easily and well. A powerful public speaker’s audience understands what he is communicating about, while a weak public speaker’s audience often struggles to understand what is being communicated about and what this topic has to do with them. When students practice public speaking they learn to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely so that they can be easily understood by their audience. This helps the student understand the importance of always delivering clear communication–a skill they can use in all their relations with others.

2. Improving their self-confidence. The world does not thrive on old ideas that never change, it thrives on new ideas that consider current conditions and what must be done to improve them. This means that the world definitely needs individuals who have brave, bold ideas for how to make things better. Unfortunately, many wonderful ideas may never be presented because the individual behind them lacks the confidence necessary to share them with others. By learning how to bravely stand up in front of others, present a topic and argue for a particular point through public speaking exercises, a student can improve their self-confidence and become all the more able to share their valuable ideas with others in the future.

3. Improving their ability to plan. A good public speech requires good advance planning, as one has to decide how they will present their topic and argue a point to persuade their audience into an agreement of some sort. Students can quickly learn that the time spent planning out what to say is well worth the effort, and is yet another skill that will prove very helpful to them in the future.

4. Teaching the power of persuasion. Since the main goal of a speech is to persuade the audience to agree with a particular point, and since few individuals would simply agree with a point that is presented to them, students who practice public speaking must learn how to convincingly persuade their audience. This is yet another valuable leadership skill, as leaders often have to persuade others in a variety of ways.

At Delphi, the speaking activities for high school students are designed to benefit them in better preparing them to be strong, confident leaders in their adult lives. For more information about our high school program, contact us today.