4 Ways Delphi Strengthens the Connection Between Students and Teachers

students and teachers

Pretty much anyone who has spent any amount of time in school has a teacher that they felt especially connected to. Beyond the fact that this close connection means that students feel a general affinity toward their teacher, there is also the fact that they tend to learn better and become more confident and independent individuals. So how exactly does one create these beneficial learning connections?

The Learning Connection

Forming a strong learning connection is easily accomplished when one first creates a strong learning environment. In such an environment, students are not only able to learn from others, but they are also able to help others learn–even their teachers. They come to realize that their teachers are not untouchable authorities that must be believed without question and blindly obeyed, but rather they are a trusted friend who will consult with them, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and help them to reach their educational and life goals through gentle guidance. Obviously, this powerful connection between students and teachers is highly desirable, which is why Delphi Florida works hard to achieve it.

Teachers at Delphi help to create and strengthen learning connections by:

1. Using communication. In order to have a close connection with his or her students, a teacher absolutely must be in close communication with them. This is how they will learn about their students’ problems, questions, and concerns, and help them to address these issues as well as overcome challenges they encounter. Through these interactions, students will learn that their teacher truly cares about them, and this can help them to feel better about asking for help when needed. They are also more likely to work even harder to overcome challenges and succeed in their educational goals.

2. Creating a safe learning environment. Many students who struggle in school fail to get the help they need because they are afraid of being ridiculed by their peers. However, a good teacher cares for all their students, and their students’ many and varied opinions, and will cultivate a safe learning environment where all their students also care for and support one another. Such a teacher would not bring errors to the attention of the entire class, but work one-on-one with students later, as needed, to help them resolve difficulties.

3. Showing respect and earning trust. Students who are shown respect and who are given the opportunity to earn the trust of others, including their teacher, are far more likely to become confident, independent individuals. They are also often far more eager to work harder in order to make their teacher proud of them because they respect their teacher and value their teacher’s opinion. A teacher who praises their students whenever they have accomplished something is one who will go a long way in strengthening their connection with their students.

4. Being a friend. True friends give an individual support when they need it and a pat on the back when they deserve it. They don’t act like “know-bests” or play favorites; they are someone the individual feels comfortable interacting with and confiding in. This means that students who feel that their teacher is really their friend may even reveal to their teachers those things that are really troubling them–like a genuine dislike of a particular academic subject–so that their teacher can help them work through it.

Fostering and strengthening the powerful connection between students and teachers is far more than simply developing an affinity for another individual. It is about having an ally to help one along the often challenging and sometimes difficult educational journey so that one can grow into the confident, independent young adult they truly desire to be.

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